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Installation - Natick

BNAVE MVRC In 2007, PublicVR began a productive collaboration with the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development, and Engineering Center in Massachusetts. There, Jason S. Augustyn, Ph.D. (WarSTAR Directorate) and Jeremy Carson constructed an immersive display, which implements our "extended V-Cave" design shown above. The arrangement allows a large diamond-shaped area where the user is free to move, a very large horizontal field of view, and space-efficient placement of the projectors, just on the periphery of the viewing area.

They took advantage of the treadmill interface code developed for the MVRC to add their own treadmill. They then donated code, which allows the CaveUT user to control the cross-screen cursor using a magnetic tracker. (Jeremy Carson also intends to add an interface which allows CaveUT to use the "wii" as a very low-cost tracker.) They continue to collaborate with PublicVR in debugging and improving CaveUT.

Latest News:

Many K-12 dome shows this year funded by Nord Family Foundation, NASA, and NSF. Ancient Greek farmer puppet/avatar. A collaboration with VIZIN Helping with a workshop in digital puppetry.

Archive Project No Longer Active.