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Installation - Teeside

The ALTERNE Project, funded by the European Union, was a successful effort to create Virtual Reality tools for making art. The principal for the effort was Dr. Marc Cavazza at the University of Teeside in Britain. The project's collaborators have built a remarkable collection of artistic projects using CaveUT.

The prototype display for ALTERNE was the SAS-Cube at CLARTE, a participating research center in Laval, France. ALTERNE created its own branch version of CaveUT 2003, which supports stereographic display and real-time spatial tracking. The programmers for this effort were Marc Le Renard and Jean-Luc Lugrin.

Since that time, Cavazza and Lugrin continued their work in Teeside, eventually building their own CaveUT-based cave, and deepening their work with UT2003. In the last several years that have produced impressive research on interactive storytelling in both immersive and non-immersive environments. See the website for Cavazza's Intelligent Virtual Environments group at Teeside.

Latest News:

Many K-12 dome shows this year funded by Nord Family Foundation, NASA, and NSF. Ancient Greek farmer puppet/avatar. A collaboration with VIZIN Helping with a workshop in digital puppetry.